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(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2009 ) New Delhi, India – According to a new research report “US Wine Market Forecast to 2012” by RNCOS, consumption of wine in America is anticipated to reach almost 906 Million Gallons per annum by the end of 2012. Consequently, US will become the largest consumer of wine in the world by outperforming Italy and France.

Though, even at this rate, per-capita consumption in the country is considerably low. Nevertheless, on an average, wine market has outshined the market of distilled spirits and beer for more than fifty decades. As per the report, USA is the fourth-largest wine producer nation globally, following France, Italy and Spain.

The research report further says that the growing number of new adult wine-consumers like women is anticipated to propel the market growth to much higher extent. This is because women comprise 52% of the country’s total population and 57% of the wine in the US is purchased by them. Thus, women represent huge market with immense purchasing power, which so far remained unnoticed. Women usually prefer judging the entire product, rather than getting swayed by wine ratings; however, label design, quality of wine, philosophy of wine, and shape of the bottle play important role in attracting the women consumers.

Additionally, in the 21st century, marketing strategies are increasingly focusing on women consumers, partly led by women themselves who are increasingly acquiring a significant stand in the wine market. Wine industry has now acknowledged that women account for over 50% of all the decisions related to the wine-purchase. Hence, it will be a good business practice to promote the products in such a way that they may appeal this potential section of the society. Definitely, overall outlook for the country’s wine market remains very optimistic.

“US Wine Market Forecast to 2012” provides a deep analysis of the market development and an extensive view into the US wine market. The report also forecasts on various segments of the US wine industry such as Wine Sales and Table Wine Sales. It is not based on a complex economic model, but provides a rough guidance to the direction of future movement of the market.

Moderate intake of alcohol could cut the risk of heart attacks in men suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension, says a new study, though it advises people to consult their doctor as well.

Traditionally, doctors advice people with high blood pressure to increase their activity levels, cut salt consumption and eat fewer high fat foods to reduce the likelihood of suffering a heart attack, stroke or kidney damage.

Researchers led by Joline Beulens of Wageningen University in the Netherlands studied 11,711 men with high blood pressure and suggested that doctors recommend patients to have a daily drink, according to the online edition of Daily Mail.

Participants filled out a questionnaire every four years including details of how often they drank beer, red wine, white wine and spirits. The research team also looked at how many suffered heart attacks, heart disease and strokes between 1986 and 2002.

During this time, a total of 653 suffered heart attacks of which 279 were fatal.

When the scientists linked alcohol use and heart problems, they found that the chances of suffering a heart attack were lower among men who consumed one or two drinks a day.

A drink was defined as being a glass of wine or a single shot of spirits.

Beulens said: “This was the first study to our knowledge that examined the risk of heart attacks among men with high blood pressure who drank moderately.

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